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Breast Implant Dimensions & Sizes

Sep 04th 2020

If you are like most women considering breast surgery, you have been dreaming about how fantastic your body could look with the ideal boob augmentation procedure.

Maybe pregnancy and breastfeeding have taken a toll on your figure, and you wish to get back the full and perky breasts you loved in your younger years.

Or perhaps you have always desired larger breast size, longing to feel confident in clothing and look more feminine.

What Breast Implant Size and Shape is Right For You?


Breast implants can help you achieve the look want, but first, you must decide what size and shape implants are right for you. Will you go big or more modest?

There are lots of things to consider before committing to one of many breast size options. Try not to compare yourself to another woman.

Everybody is unique, and your plastic surgeon can work with you to attain your perfect and individualized results.

What Are The Different Breast Implant Sizes And Shapes?


When thinking of how large you would like your enhanced breasts to look, you and your cosmetic surgeon must consider your current body size and shape, including the amount of breast tissue available.

If you don’t have enough tissue, your size choices will be more limited. Another factor is the proportions of your body, including the space between your shoulders, chest, and width of the hips.

Very large implants are hard to accommodate on a smaller frame.


Once your measurements are taken, you are then ready to pick the appropriate-sized breast implants, including volume, diameter, shape, and profile. The Ones that fit well with your current breast measurements will look the most natural.

Volume is measured in cubic centimeters (ccs). For approximately every 150 to 200 ccs, the breasts will typically increase about one or one and a half cup sizes.

An average implant is about 300 or 400 ccs. The more ccs, the more it will project outward. Diameter also affects the projection.

A breast implant with a wider diameter will be flatter and project outward less than the implant with a narrower diameter.

Its shapes include round or teardrop (oval). Round implants are more symmetrical with a consistent amount of fullness all over and more dramatic and outward projection.

Oval implants have lower volume, giving the breasts a more natural look.

The profile of a breast implant also influences how full your breasts look. Implants with a moderate profile are flatter, while high-profile implants sit higher and offer a more rounded, prominent appearance.

Consider Lifestyle When Deciding on Breast Surgery Options

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Before selecting your breast size, also make sure to contemplate your lifestyle along with your look.

If you have a very active lifestyle and regularly do a lot of high-impact activity, large breast implants could get in the way. If you have a physically demanding job, the weight of larger breasts may cause discomfort.

If you tend to prefer a more modest amount of cleavage, don’t choose implants with a high profile and a lot of volumes. Remember that clothing will fit differently after your breast surgery.

Communicate and Consult Before Your Breast Augmentation

Before your boob augmentation procedure, be honest with your plastic surgeon, and be ready to communicate how to want your breasts to look, including size, fullness, shape, etc. It is helpful to bring photos to your consultation appointment.

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