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Facelift small incisions

The most common questions people ask about Facelift Surgery

Mar 08th 2022

Maybe you have always been curious about facelifts or you are in the planning stages and wondering if the cost of a facelift surgery is worth it for you.  

Facelift surgery is one of the most frequently performed cosmetic surgeries. It’s no wonder it’s so popular with facelift before and after providing dramatic results. No matter where you are in your cosmetic journey, it is important to understand the answers to the most common questions about the procedure. 

What happens during a facelift? What should I expect? 

There are a few different types of facelift surgeries that your surgeon may perform depending on your current circumstance and your goals. All facelifts are performed by making small incisions in strategic locations that allow your surgeon to manipulate muscles under the skin, remove fatty deposits, and create a lifted/tightened appearance. 

Patients can expect to have a number of small incisions hidden in their hairline, behind their ears, etc. that allow the doctor to reach the target area. Anesthesia is used for all facelifts and patients can anticipate surgery to last for a few hours before spending time recovering. 

Will my facelift surgery scars fade?

Since most facelift surgery incisions are in hidden areas like your hairline, scars are typically not noticeable. In circumstances when an incision needs to be on more prevalent skin, your surgeon will choose an inconspicuous location. The small incisions should not be noticeable once fully healed and should not have any prevalent scarring. 

How long will my younger-looking facelift results last? 

Facelift results can be dramatic and stunning in your journey for younger and smoother looking skin. A common question that patients ask is how long they can enjoy their more youthful looking appearance after the procedure. The answer is: it depends. 

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There are a few different types of facelfits and some will last longer than others. On average, most patients that undergo a full facelift can expect their results to last about 10-15 years post-procedure. Mini facelifts or brow lifts can have less dramatic results that still achieve a younger-looking appearance, but may only provide noticeable results for 3-7 years as opposed to the full facelift. 

A facelift does not stop the aging process, so as we continue to mature our skin continues to lose elasticity and structure that can be improved by a surgery. 

If results last 10-15 years, can I have more than one facelift?

There is no set maximum of facelifts surgeries you can have in your lifetime, but there are things to keep in mind. You can anticipate facelift results lasting an average of ten years, but the aging process does not suddenly hit all at once so patients may be able to wait closer to fifteen years before considering a second facelift. The procedure also pulls on skin and manipulates muscles and fat deposits, meaning that too many procedures can give the face an overly taut or stretched appearance and not give the natural looking results hoped for. Most surgeons agree that 3 to 4 procedures is the upper limit for the number of facelifts, but each patient is different. If you have had more than one facelift surgery, check in with Dr. Kitto’s team in Richmond, VA to see what treatment is right for you. 

At what age should I consider having a facelift? 

Every patient is different and has different needs and goals for their treatment plans. It likely is not a surprise that facelifts start becoming more common in those in their 40s, 50s, and 60s. It is in these decades when maturing skin can start to noticeably shift our appearance – our faces develop fine lines and deep set wrinkles, our cheeks lose volume and begin sagging, our jowls can become more pronounced with loosening skin. To reset the aging process, a facelift plastic surgery can address these concerns and more through targeted surgical techniques. 

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There can be benefits to having a facelift sooner rather than later, such as more subtle results. This is because a facelift at the start of seeing signs of aging will not involve the dramatic lifting and manipulating of the face’s muscles and fat deposits. Since many patients prefer natural looking results, having a facelift when you are younger can be the preferred option to achieve more subtle results that still have a great impact. Having the procedure done when you are younger can also provide a faster healing experience. 

Ultimately, the best age for the procedure is when signs of aging begin to bother you and non-surgical treatments are no longer yielding the results you’d like. 

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