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EYELID SURGERY: Why it is the most demanding & popular cosmetic procedure.

Dec 28th 2021

Whether it’s through aging, the slowdown of collagen production, or genetics, eyelids can begin showing our age by drooping or sagging. Eyelid skin is thinner than other areas of the face, so these changes tend to be more noticeable sooner.

In addition to making us look older, drooping eyelids can impact vision and even impede daily tasks and activities. You don’t have to live with the signs or symptoms of aging skin, though.

Eyelid surgery, or blepharoplasty, is one of the most common and in demand cosmetic procedures and continues to grow in popularity!

A blepharoplasty often called an upper and lower eyelid surgery, is an outpatient procedure that removes excess fat, skin, and muscle that can gather above and below the eye. It doesn’t require overnight stays in a hospital, but you will receive specific after care instructions. Most patients can return to normal daily activities including strenuous exercise within 1-2 weeks.

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Dr. Kitto is a leading plastic surgeon in Richmond, VA with years of experience completing eyelid surgery, she can help customize your treatment plan to see results from this in-demand procedure!

If you have been considering a blepharoplasty, here are four reasons why the popular procedure may be right for you:

1. Results are very customized.
If you take a look at eyelid surgery before and after photos, you’ll notice that each client has a very unique result. Every face is different, and your procedure will be customized to you.

To achieve targeted results based on your personal goals, your plastic surgeon will determine whether you should have upper eyelid surgery, lower eyelid surgery or double eyelid surgery.

2. The visual impact is substantial.
Eyes are often one of the first features that our companions notice and the appearance of sagging brows, under eye bags, and drooping eyelids can create an older appearance.

Lower Eye lid surgery Richmond, VA

As our faces age, the thin skin around the eye loses the ability to bounce back through our expressions. This creates a loose appearance and showcases fine lines and wrinkles. Cosmetic eyelid surgery helps to alleviate these concerns – the removal of excess tissue can create a stunning before and after.

3. Vision obstacles can be addressed.
The deterioration of skin around the eyes can also create vision problems, such as a decrease in peripheral vision. Functional eyelid surgery can address these concerns.

By removing excess tissue, upper and lower eyelid surgery restores the function of the eye while also providing a more open and smooth appearance.

4. Eyelid surgery is universally helpful.
Since our faces show our age sooner than we’d like, almost everyone is a good candidate for an eyelid surgery. Both men and women have enjoyed stunning results from the procedure.

As long as you are in overall good health and do not have any serious eye conditions, the Kitto Plastic Surgery team can assist you with your eyelid goals.

Whether you are looking to brighten a tired appearance, minimize under eye dark circles or “bags”, or lift skin that may be impairing vision, an eyelid surgery near you in Richmond, VA may be the best choice to reach your goals.

If you would like more information about eyelid surgery with Dr. Kitto, or wish to schedule a online consultation, call us today at 804.294.1777.

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