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The Secret to the No-Cut Tummy Tuck

Dec 08th 2021

Tummy tucks are popular procedures and on many individuals’ wish lists. The surgery is invasive and requires recovery time, though, so surgeons have developed an alternative treatment method – the no cut tummy tuck.

What is a no-cut tummy tuck?

It is important for those interested in skin toning/tightening and targeted fat reduction to work with a trained and practiced surgeon to develop their treatment plan.

A popular alternative to a full abdominoplasty (or tummy tuck surgery) has been coined as the ‘no-cut tummy tuck’. A no-cut tummy tuck focuses on contouring the stomach and reducing fat through a combination of less invasive procedures, such as liposuction or CoolSculpting

The liposuction used in a no-cut tummy tuck can be the traditional variation that uses suction or can use laser liposuction devices. CoolSculpting, or focused freezing of fat cells, is often used as a component of the no-cut tummy tuck treatment plan.

A no-cut tummy tuck, since it is less invasive, doesn’t result in the recovery and down time that an abdominoplasty does.

What’s the traditional method?

Tummy tuck surgery, or abdominoplasty, involves removing loose, sagging skin and repairing stretched or extended muscles in the abdomen in order to craft a smooth and toned tummy area. Procedure participants enjoy a result of a firmly contoured stomach.

Often, tummy tuck surgeons will combine the procedure with targeted liposuction to provide great results. Liposuction directly removes fat cells while a tuck surgery lifts and tightens the skin and muscles.

During a tummy tuck surgery, an incision is made along the abdomen and the surgeon separates the skin from the muscles.  Next, the skin is stretched away, and excess is cut away to provide tightness.

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What are the benefits of having a no-cut tummy tuck instead of the traditional surgery?

While every treatment plan should be customized to your individual goals and needs, a no-cut tummy tuck provides several benefits.

The first is a low time requirement. The procedure doesn’t require anesthesia or in-patient recovery time and usually only takes a few hours. After the day of procedure time commitment, most individuals that undergo the treatment can return to most of their routine immediately. There may be some bruising and swelling, but normal life activities should be able to be maintained.

There are also financial benefits to choosing the no-cut option. Since the procedure doesn’t require “going under” and isn’t an in-patient treatment, the total cost of the no-cut option is lower.

Unlike a traditional tummy tuck surgery, the no-cut option does not require the invasiveness of your abdomen being cut open to stretch muscles and remove skin.

 How will I know what will work for me?

If you are trying to decide on a treatment plan, get in touch with a tummy tuck surgeon near you – Kitto Plastic surgery is proud to offer tummy tuck surgery, liposuction and CoolSculpting as treatment options in Virginia.  

You’ll also want to share your desired results and expectations with your surgeon to help determine the best treatment plan.

Dr. Kitto is an experienced surgeon that can assist you in determining the most effective way to reach your desired goals and can personalize treatment combinations to fit your needs and your body. Schedule your online consultation OR by calling us at 804-294-1777.

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