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Six Amazing Facts about Breast Augmentation Sugery

Six amazing facts about Breast Augmentation

Apr 09th 2021

Breast augmentation is a cosmetic procedure that increases the size of the patient’s breasts by placing implants under the breast tissue or chest muscles.

A person may want this surgery to restore the size of their breasts following pregnancy and nursing, or simply to enhance the size of the breasts and resulting cleavage.

The procedure may also be requested by breast cancer survivors who have had a mastectomy, or if the person in question has experienced a significant weight loss that resulted in deflated breasts.

Breast Augmentation Surgery

Some women who have had the procedure done stated they wanted breast implants to increase their self-esteem and boost their confidence. There’s a sense of empowerment that comes from feeling comfortable in one’s own skin, and augmentation surgery helps to achieve that.

While boob augmentation has become a very common procedure, it’s still important to know the facts before requesting a consultation. Here are six amazing facts you need to know about getting implants:

Terminology – Just so there is no confusion, breast augmentation is the actual procedure that enhances the size of the breasts. Breast implants are medical devices that are used to change the size, shape, and volume of the breasts.

A breast lift is a separate procedure that returns the breasts to their natural position if they sag or droop. This can also be done during breast enhancement fat transfer surgery.

Types – Many people may believe that there are only two kinds of breast implants: silicone and saline. The truth of the matter is there are actually a number of different options available, each with its own specific benefits.

In addition to saline and silicone, you can also choose from structured saline implants, gummy bear implants, round implants, smooth implants, and textured implants. Your plastic surgeon can explain the pros and cons of each and can tell you which implant would work best to achieve the results you want.

Exercise – There are a number of different exercises that can be done to target the chest area, but all the exercises in the world won’t restore sagging or deflated breasts.

These exercises are meant to work the pectoral muscles but will have no effect on the breast tissue itself. You can definitely increase the size of your chest muscles, but that won’t change your cup size.

Age – The Federal Drug Administration (FDA) has approved saline-filled implants for breast augmentation in women 18 years or older, and any age for reconstruction. The FDA has also approved silicone-filled implants for breast augmentation in women 22 or older, and any age for reconstruction.

As for upper age limitations, there aren’t any set guidelines. The only issue is if the patient is healthy enough to have the surgery done, so it could potentially be done for patients of almost any advanced age.

Maintenance – Today’s implants are very sturdy, but there is a chance one or both could be ruptured by a traumatic event or could potentially fail their own as they age. While the chance of an age-related rupture is low, it is important to have them regularly checked, which could include radiograms, ultrasounds, or an MRI to ensure no leakage is occurring. This is especially important for silicone-filled implants.

Surgeon – No matter what type of breast implant you want, it is highly recommended you see a Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon get the best results. A Board-Certified surgeon has more experience and knowledge, which will help with the surgery itself, as well as the recovery process.

There are risks associated with all surgeries, but they can be minimized in the hands of a skilled plastic surgeon.

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