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Facelift Surgery for Natural-Looking Results

Apr 30th 2024

Facelift surgery, or rhytidectomy, is an artful cosmetic procedure designed to turn back the clock by rejuvenating the face and neck. While the term “facelift” might conjure images of dramatic transformations, modern techniques actually focus on enhancing one’s natural features, rather than completely altering them. This comprehensive guide explores the nuanced process of achieving natural-looking…

FAQs for Facelifts: A Comprehensive Guide

Mar 04th 2024

The decision to undergo cosmetic surgery is significant and comes with a myriad of questions. As a highly sought-after procedure, the facelift is often top of mind for those looking to rejuvenate their appearance. In this extensive guide, we’ll address the most common questions regarding facelifts. Whether you’re just beginning to consider this surgery or…

5 Myths About Facelifts and How They Are Protected to Consider

Jan 25th 2023

Do you think that facelift surgery are painful and time-consuming to recover from? Do you believe that you can’t get a facelift because of your age or your gender? Don’t fall for these facelift myths! Here at Kitto Plastic Surgery, the best place to get a facelift in Richmond, VA, we’re ready to give you…

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