Winter is the Ideal Time for Facial Rejuvenation in Richmond, VA

Jan 02nd 2023

After spending the winter months covered in bulky sweaters and coats, you may find yourself thinking about facial rejuvenation surgery more as the weather starts to warm up. Perhaps your calendar starts to fill with outdoor social events or you want to look your best for the approaching summer vacation. It makes sense to schedule facial surgery in Richmond, VA, in the spring or summer, but the fall and winter are even better for many reasons. 

It’s Easier to Avoid the Sun in Winter 

One of the best reasons to schedule your Richmond plastic surgery in the fall or winter comes down to sunlight exposure. Avoiding direct exposure to UV rays is essential after most facial rejuvenation treatments. Your facial skin is sensitive after a facelift and many other facial treatments. Sunlight exposure can easily lead to inflammation and irritation. You may experience swelling or other complications that slow or otherwise compromise the healing process. 

The winter months are less prone to intense sunlight, especially when you’re having facial surgery in Richmond, VA, or another area with cold weather. Your social calendar probably isn’t filled with swim parties and visits to the zoo or amusement park, so it’s easier to spend a week or two indoors after facial rejuvenation in Richmond, VA. 

Skin Protection is Still Critical 

The sun does still shine in winter, even when it seems overcast or incredibly cold. While it’s less intense than summertime sunshine, you still need to protect your face when outdoors for up to two weeks after facial rejuvenation surgery. If you wear scarves and hats to stay warm, those items will help protect your facial skin as well. 

The Holidays May Work in Your Favor 

Are you thinking that your social calendar may not get as full in the winter, but your family calendar is packed with holiday activities? That can work in your favor if you have more scheduled days off of work due to those holidays. Instead of using valuable summer days off for recovery instead of vacation or family adventures, you can use winter holiday vacation days to get plastic surgery and recover. 

Consider enjoying Thanksgiving and Christmas at home with your immediate family rather than traveling or inviting extended family and friends over for a large event. That allows you to rest and recover while bonding with family members who are aware of your plastic surgery. 

Scheduling your surgery a couple of weeks ahead of the holiday events and taking an extended work vacation is another option. Depending on your profession, you may find that your company can accommodate your leave of absence easier in the cooler months. 

You’re Ready for the Summer Fun 

The main problem with waiting for warm weather to schedule Richmond plastic surgery is the recovery time. A surgical facelift often comes with bruising, stitches, and a recovery time of up to two weeks. You may require up to a week to recover from rhinoplasty or up to two weeks from a neck lift. If you schedule your surgery too close to an event or something hits your calendar unexpectedly, you could find yourself backing out of plans because you aren’t fully healed in time. 

Social and professional events do take place during the winter months, but you have the advantage of greater skin coverage from your wardrobe. For instance, you can wear clothing with high, loose necklines to cover bruising after having a neck lift. It’s more difficult to cover up in the summertime if you have a last-minute event, especially for outdoor events that require greater skin exposure for comfort. 

When you get plastic surgery out of the way in the colder months, you’re ready for the fun of spring and summer. You don’t need to push back the family vacation or miss out on unplanned events because you need to rest during recovery. You’ve moved beyond the recovery phase and have beautiful, youthful skin ready for whatever your summer may bring. 

Let’s Talk About Winter Facial Treatments in Richmond, VA

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