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Jawline Contouring

Many consider well-defined jawline to be one of the essential features to a balanced face. Strong chiseled jawlines are considered attractive in men, while slim contoured jawlines are considered to be beautiful in women.

We are born with a certain bone structure which defines the appearance of the jawline. Additionally, changes in weight can affect the overall appearance of the face.

Genetic factors, as well as age and the amount of fat under the skin can cause an ill-defined or full and round jawline.

Best Candidates

Jawline contouring is a non-surgical treatment for men and women of all ages who are interested in restoring the balance in their face, reverse signs of aging or augment their features.

After going to three other Plastic Surgeons ( for botox™ & fillers ) I finally found the right one. Her staff as well as Dr Kitto are absolutely amazing.

Erica F

The Procedure

Dr. Kitto uses a variety of non-surgical techniques to help her patients achieve a more defined jawline and restore the harmony of their facial features. After a thorough consultation with her patients and evaluating their primary concerns Dr. Kitto creates a customized plan which may involve a single procedure or a series of treatments depending on the patient’s goals. Treatment may include injectable fillers to restore volume, Botox™ to smooth lines and Kybella™ to get rid of unwanted fat.

Dr. Kitto is aces!!! She has a great eye and suggests subtle corrections that enhanced my best features and make me look refreshed and well rested. She has the most caring manner of any physician ever.

Actual Patient of Dr. Kitto


Jawline contouring involves quick in-office treatments with minimal to no downtime. Results of treatment with dermal fillers are immediate. Depending on the products used for the jawline contouring results may be temporary or permanent.

Dr. Kitto was AMAZING! Best Plastic Surgeon appointment I’ve ever had. She was so thorough and gentle and she explained everything very in detail! And I even got a great outcome! I love my lips and they look amazing 😍

Kaitlyn W

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Dr. Kitto is a fully trained plastic surgeon who specializes in cosmetic procedures of the face, breast and body. She also performs procedures for men and offers a wide variety of non-surgical options. Procedures she commonly performs are facial rejuvenation, breast enhancement and body contouring. She empowers patients to make educated decisions about their procedures and helps them feel comfortable throughout their transformation.

Inzhili Kitto, MD

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